John Seckman
Managing Partner

John Seckman and Associates provides a broad range of consulting, management and evaluation services to the Cannabis and Cannabis Investment market.

John Seckman combines his experience as Executive Director and COO of LivWell Enlightened Health, one of the largest cannabis businesses in the United States, with his experience as Agent-In-Charge of the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division.  That along with 35+ years of senior executive experience in the private sector, both public and private, gives John a business perspective and understanding of the Cannabis business few others have.

One of the greatest misconceptions both investors and owners entering or in the Cannabis space make, is assuming they can apply traditional business and financial practices to Cannabis.  Ownership restrictions, financial investment restrictions, unique tax liabilities and federal, state and local regulatory burdens make this industry different from any other.

Another consideration in the cannabis industry is finding qualified employees and vendors.  Being a new industry, people and vendors with proven track records is limited and we know the best.

John Seckman and Associates provides the solutions with real world experience in all aspects of the Cannabis industry.

Business Structure and Management

Cannabis Buying and Selling

Great Business Partners

Establishing and maintaining a viable business structure is critical to the long term success of any business.  That must be followed with strong management infrastructure with appropriate controls to build and maintain a successful and profitable business.  John Seckman and Associates works closely with businesses, new and established, as well as investors to identify and apply business practices proven to work in the Cannabis industry.
Provide buyers, sellers, investors and financial institutions fact based financial evaluations of Cannabis businesses, facilities and products.  
Introduce buyers and sellers and facilitate the sale or purchase of Cannabis properties.
Years of experience in the Cannabis industry makes available a list of reliable and proven partners to assist your Cannabis business.  We have identified the best attorneys, accountants, tax experts, management personnel and supply providers.  Let us guide you in finding the right partners to build a successful business.